Ottobre Design Kids Fashion - 2013/1 Spring


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OTTOBRE Design is a fashion and pattern magazine produced in Finland. It is published six times per year: four issues containing designs for children (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) and two issues for women.

The themes are:


We meet children from all over the world and respond to a number of reader requests for patterns, including underwear, jackets, coats, dresses, overalls and pants. A lovely chef’s outfit and a hooded sweat jacket for a little bat man. Sizes 92-170 cm


Baby basics get a revamped jazzy look in an exciting adventure that features tigers and dinosaurs. Sizes 56-92 cm


The schoolchildren’s spring collection is bright, sporty and laid-back and includes hooded sweat jackets, corduroy pants, cargo pants, a T-shirt, a tunic and jersey pants. Sizes 128-170 cm

If you're not familiar with Ottobre:

Each issue contains more than approximately 20 designs presented in a magazine layout style with color pictures, descriptions, fabric recommendations, instructions, and full sized patterns. The pattern sheets contained in the magazine require tracing before use (it is an overlay design with color coding). There is both a Yahoo group and a Flickr group dedicated to making clothing from Ottobre magazine. You will find both sites to be inspirational as well as practical.

Sizing is based on the metric system. Children's issues contain patterns for Babies, Toddlers, and Girls/Boys (up to 170 cm in height or 5 1/2 feet, big kids!).

You'll find the women's issues to be a breath of fresh air. Models feature real women with real bodies. Most issues contain at least one pattern for maternity wear or designs that can be converted for maternity wear. European sizes 34 to 52  (US size 4 to 22).